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Updated September 21

Our Trust Board is comprised of a team of carefully selected individuals. The Trustees have been appointed by the Bishop to exercise their unique skill sets in order to lead the Trust and its Academies towards excellence by ensuring the outstanding strategic direction.

Our Trust Board is made up of 3 Committees; The Audit and Risk Committee, The Finance and Resources Committee, and The Education Standards/Pupil Experience Committee (ESPE).  Each Committee has a group of Trustees purposely selected because of their strengths to meet the responsibilities required of the specific Committee.

The Terms of Reference provide a more detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of each Committee.

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Angela Cox OBE

(Chair of the Trust Board) 

Audit and Risk Committee

Finance and Resource Committee

Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee

Term of Office: 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025

Declared Interests: 

Director of Education Diocese of Leeds
Board member of Formation, a CIO providing Catholic School Leadership Development

Additional roles:

Intervention Board St John Fisher
Catholic High School, Dewsbury,
DfE Working Party 1 Academy
Financial Handbook,
DfE School Recovery

Frances Johnston

Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee

Term of Office: Nov 2020- Nov 2024

Profession: Deputy Headteacher at Catholic secondary school.

Declared Interests: N/A

A few words from Frances;

"I grew up in Rotherham, and believe the supportive experience in my Catholic secondary school allowed me to see the importance of education to allow children to reach their potential whatever their starting point. I have worked in Diocesan schools for the most of my 25 years in education, across Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford, firstly as an RE teacher and for the last 18 years as a senior leader as well. I am currently a Deputy Head in Bradford. I am passionate about Catholic education and volunteered as a trust director because I believe it is very important that Catholic education is developed and nurtured within a network of schools with the same vision and ethos. I have one son, who is currently in a local Catholic school within Leeds"


Joseph McDonnell


Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee

Term of Office: Oct 2020- Oct 2024

Declared Interests: 

Board member at BCWCAT

Governor at St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary School,  Bradford

Governor at Wykebeck Primary School, Leeds 

Family business, Castle Construction

A few words from Joe;

"I was born of Irish parents in Leeds, and educated at Holy Rosary, St Dominic’s and St Michael’s. I studied Biology at St John’s in York before joining the family construction business which I now run with my wife Amanda.  

I started my school governance at St Mary’s in Horsforth and Holy Name, before becoming a National Leader of Governance, and going on to work in several schools across the city of Leeds. I have been Chair of several schools, an IEB (interim executive board) and several rapid improvement groups. I have been a director at the Bishop Wheeler Trust and worked with several other trust groups at various times. I have sat on and chaired school appeal panels for both the Diocese and the Local Authority.

My contributions to parish life include sacramental preparation, being a Sunday steward and a member of the Finance Committee at OLK.

I have four grown up children and am a keen follower of anything sports related."

John Weaving 

Finance and Resource Committee (Chair)

Audit and Risk Committee

Term of Office: 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025

Profession: Chartered Accountant

Declared Interests: Director Ellis Patents Holdings Limited

Additional roles: Methodist Academies and Schools Trust, The Wesley Trust, Livability

A few words from John;

Teresa Camidge

Audit and Risk Committee (Chair)

Finance and Resource Committee

Term of Office: 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025

Profession: Solicitor for Lloyds Banking Group

Declared Interests:  I work for Lloyds, with whom the trust may have banking relationships . I have worked at Halifax, which became part of LBG, since 01/06/1992.

A few words from Teresa;

"I live in Leeds with my husband. I have two grownup daughters who have flown the nest. I grew up in County Durham where I was lucky enough to attend some great Catholic schools. I am now a solicitor and head of a legal team at Lloyds Banking Group, having spent most of my legal career in financial services. l volunteered to be a trust director, because I wanted to make a difference in my local area and to help ensure the tradition of good Catholic education, where children can achieve their best in a caring environment."

Fr Dennis Cassidy

Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee

Term of Office: 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025

Declared Interests:

Caroline Tobbell

Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee (Chair)

Term of Office:  1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025


Declared Interests: Teacher Training Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University

A few words from Caroline;

Hello my name is Caroline Tobbell.  I am a teacher and currently work in Teacher Training at Leeds Trinity University in the Primary Education  Department.  I have worked in Education all my career, in schools across the country, and was a headteacher in 2 primary schools before joining Leeds Trinity in 2006. I am committed to supporting schools to be able to provide excellent quality of education in the broadest sense for all of the children in the Trust schools.  I became a Trustee at the start of the St Gregory the Great MAT."

Phillip Jackson

Education Standards and Pupil Experience Committee

Term of Office: 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2025

Declared Interests: Chief inspector at West Yorkshire Police

Additional Interests: Academy Council Member Christ the King Catholic Primary School VA

A few words from Phil;

"I’m Phil Jackson, I have worked as a volunteer within the education sector for the last 15yrs and moved to the trustee board when it began. Working within the police as a Chief Inspector certainly helps provide the challenge and knowledge to help as a trustee."

Shaun Vickers

Term of Office: 

Declared Interests13 September 2021 - 12 September 2025

Additional Interests: 

A few words from Shaun;

Edwin Kirkwood

Term of Office: 13 September 2021 - 12 September 2025

Declared Interests

Additional Interests: 

A few words from Edwin;

Peter Hughes ( CSEL) 

Accounting Officer

Term of Office: May 2021

Declared Interests: N/A



The Right Reverend Marcus Stock

Bishop of Leeds


Very Reverend Canon Timothy Swinglehurst


Founding Member


Declarations of interest: Member: Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust, Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust, Blessed Christopher Wharton Catholic Academy Trust, Blessed Peter Snow Catholic Academy Trust

Reverend Monsignor

Paul Fisher VG